Santa Barbara Jazz Vocalist Ryan Schwab

#1 Global Jazz Artist (7/14/2017)

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Ryan Schwab


Ryan Schwab was raised in Santa Barbara, California. From an  early age, he listened to jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Antonio  Carlos Jobim, and of course his hero, Frank Sinatra. His parents  fostered his love of music. Ryan quickly became enamored with jazz as a  teenager by listening to LA’s Jazz station KKGO 

Ryan’s passion for singing began at a young age. He first started  singing as a boy with the Santa Barbara Christian School Choir. Later,  during his years at Santa Barbara High School, he joined the Santa  Barbara High School A Cappella Choir and Madrigals. His passion for singing  really developed during his years at Santa Barbara High. “It seems like  I have always sung,” says Ryan, “but I didn't want to become a singer  until the Santa Barbara High School choir teacher, Phyllis Zimmerman,  took an interest in me.” While terrified of his strict high school  choirmaster, Mrs. Zimmerman’s teaching drew Ryan toward the music  profession.

In 1982, Ryan married his high school sweetheart, Teri. He continued  to pursue a singing career and worked for a number of years in the music  industry, including working as Maynard Ferguson's’ personal assistant,  and singing at various Santa Barbara venues. However, when his first  daughter was born, Ryan’s plans for a music career were put on hold to  take care of his growing family.  In addition to music, Ryan is  passionate about homeschooling and encouraging parents of gifted  children.  He homeschooled his oldest daughter from kindergarten through  high school, and his youngest from kindergarten through junior high.

Now that Ryan’s children are grown, he is looking to pick up where he  left off. During his tenure as “Homeschool Dad,” he never stopped  enjoying music or thinking of singing on stage. In the past year, Ryan  began singing in public again. He is a member of the Santa Barbara Jazz  Society and frequently performs at their jazz jams. Ryan also regularly  sings at the Solvang Brewing Company and at  SoHo Restaurant in Santa  Barbara. 

When not singing, he loves to explore the California Central Coast with his wife of over thirty years.

Santa Barbara Jazz Vocalist Ryan Schwab

Ryan Easter Sunday

Ryan and Teri Schwab Fiesta Santa Barbara 2017

Ryan and Teri Fiesta Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara Jazz Vocalist Ryan Schwab